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Items below are what might be called Japanese style wreaths as they are modeled after Shimenawa, a cord of rope made by twisting together strands of rice straw, which is hung over the front door of a house during New Year's holidays to ward off the evil spirits

Enlarge Image
Japanese Style Wreath
Item #: SN1
Size: 9.8X8.2in (25X21cm)
Shochikubai....This wreath is decorated with pine, bamboo, and plum trees, a combination known as "sho-chiku-bai". Because pine and bamboo trees stay green all winter and the plum tree is the first to bloom in the chill of an early spring, sho-chiku-bai have , since the Nara period (710-784), come to represent strength, vitality, hope, and good fortune. For centuries, the trees have been planted together, incorporated into flower arrangements, employed as a design motif, and used decoratively for such auspicious occasions as New Year's and weddings.

Enlarge Image
Japanese Style Wreath
Item #: SN3
Size: 11.8X9.8in (30X25cm)
Turtole.....There is a saying in Japan "a crane lives a thousand and a turtle ten thousand years."turtles too have been regarded as a symbol of longevity and bearer of good fortune.

Enlarge Image
Japanese Style Wreath
Item #: SN2
Size: 9.8X8.2in (25X21cm)
Crane....In addition to Shochikubai, this one has a crane, which are regarded as auspicious birds and a popular symbol of longevity

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