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Heart Sutra Folding Screen
Item #: FS1
Size: 20.8X11in(53X28cm)
Price: US$44.50
Hannyashingyo...This miniature folding screen features Hannyashingyoo. Called in English "Heart Sutra", this sutra is an extremely brief summary of the essence of the Hannyakyo (one of the six sutras thought to be needed to have enlightenment). It is probably the best known sutra and used in all sects of Buddhism in Japan except for a few. Despite its popularity, Heart Sutra is very difficult to understand because of the obscure and code-like wording. Many books have been written in an attempt to interpret it. The main message of it, though, is emptiness. Everything that exists is in a state of flux and in transience. Therefore it is meaningless to become attached to them. People suffer when they can't get what they want or lose something they love because of the attachments. By ridding yourself of the attachments, and understanding the emptiness, you will get close to the enlightenment.

Enlarge Image

Enlarge Image
Item #: FS2
Size: 10.2X7.1in (26X18cm)
Price: US$32.50
Item #: FS3
Size: 10.2X7.1in (26X18cm)
Price: US$32.50
(FS2) Kanagawaoki namiura (The Great Wave off Kanagawa) This is probably the most famous wood block print both inside and outside Japan .It's widely known in the West as "The Wave"

(FS3) Gaifu Kaisei (Southern Wind on a Clear Day) This is a famous woodblock print from Hokusai's "Thirty six views of Mt.Fuji" Its nickname is akafuji ("Red Fuji")

Enlarge Image

Enlarge Image
Item #: FS4
Size:11X7.5in (28X19cm)
Price: US$29.99
Item #: FS5
Size: 11.8X10.2in (30X26cm)
Price: US$32.50
(FS5)The picture depicts two floats from a festival called Gion matsuri held annually in Kyoto

(FS4) A scene from Tale of Genji. Tale of Genji is a long novel in the format called Emakimono (a style of writing in which illustrations and text are alternated) written in the Heian period (794-1191) by Murasaki Shikibu, a lady in waiting at court. It describes the lives of the court nobles in Heian period and portrays their loves, hates and ambitions. It is considered to be the masterpiece of Japanese classical literature.

Enlarge Image

Enlarge Image
Item #: FS6
Size: 9.4X9.4in(24X24 cm)
Price: US$28.99
Item #: FS7
Size: 21X8.6in(54X22cm)
Price: US$27.99
(FS6)@On this folding screen is a picture of Minamoto no Yoshiie, a military leader of the late Heian period and his men getting ready to go to Tohoku region to put down a rebellion.

Enlarge Image
Item #: FS8
Size: 15.7X12.2in(40X31cm)
Price: US$22.50

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