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As shown in the picture, this hanko has a family crest at the top as decoration. (At the bottom of this hanko, your name (or any word) is carved just like any other hanko stamps.) The most common 50 family crest have been picked and made available. This series has been added with mainly Japanese people or people of Japanese descent in mind. However, if you would like to give your hanko some accent, this item is perfect for you!

This item does not come in a case.If you would like to purchase acase, please click here.
Item Name Japanese Family Crest Hanko
(Material:Water Buffalo Horn)
Item Number FAMCRE
Size Diameter of Stamp: 0.6in(1.5cm)
2.3in (6cm)
Price $59.99
Please provide the following information in the box below FIRST
and then click on "Buy Now!" bottun to purchase.

#1 Your desired name (or word).
#2 Character set (hiragana, katakaqna, kanji) to be used to tranlate.
#3 Family crest you would like to have on your hanko. (see the table below)
#4 Font style you would like your name (or word) carved in.

Please do not erase the words already in the box.
Your name (word) will be carved vertcially. Max number of letters: Kanji 6, Hiragana and Katakana 8. No English alphabets.
It takes about 10 days to get your hanko ready for shipment.
Cancelation of hanko orders will not be accepted once they have been placed.
Would you like a case for your hanko stamp?
Click here to see our hanko case catalogue.

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f-6 g-7 h-8 i-9 j-10
k-11 l-12 m-13 n-14 o-15
p-16 q-17 r-18 s-19 t-20
u-21 v-22 w-23 x-24 y-25
z-26 aa-27 bb-28 cc-29 dd-30
ee-31 gg-33 hh-34 jj-35
kk-36 ll-37 mm-38 nn-39 oo-40
pp-41 qq-42 rr-43 ss-44 tt-45
uu-46 vv-47 ww-48 xx-49 yy-50

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