Font styles available for customized hanko

Pictures below are the samples of each font style available for customized hanko. Please
make sure to indicate which one you would like to use when you place an order.

Style A***
(Happo Tensho
Style B***
Style C
Style D
Style E
Style F

***Style A , B are very old and different from modern day print style. The shapes of some of the kanji
in these styles are so different from the print style that they are illegible to most people.

Are you an organization or school?
Double Circle Layout
If your desired name or word consists of more than eight characters or your desired design contains both an image and characters,you could have them inscribed like the sample shown above. If you would like this layout, please contact us via email for a price quote. With this lay out, for example, you could have your name, your job title or your company logo in the inner circle and your company name or organization name in the outer cirlce.
This layout allows you a lot of flexbility.
Please note that inner circle line is to be counted as one character.
Are you an artist?
Rakkan Font
White lettering Red lettering
This font (called rakkan) is commonly used for art works such as calligraphy, sumie, haiku etc. and red lettering (background is carved just like style A-F above) and white lettering (characters are curved) are available. Basically rakkan font is available only for square STONE hanko. (all square stone hanko will be carved in rakkan font) However, this font can be arranged for wood hanko as a special order If you would like rakkan font for an wood hanko, please contact us first for a quote.
This font style, just like style A and B above, is quite different from modern day print style.
If you have any questions or problems
e-mail us at